Fulfill Your Global Potential with Gemini Commerce

Multi-Currency Support

Seamlessly manage multiple currencies, ensuring that your customers can transact in their preferred currency, providing a smooth and localized shopping experience

Multi-Language Capabilities

Break the language barriers by offering your platform in various languages, enabling you to communicate with your international customers effectively and providing a user-friendly experience

Regional Customization

Tailor your offerings to meet the specific needs and preferences of different regions, ensuring your products and services resonate with local markets

Advanced Shipping Options

Provide sophisticated and flexible shipping cost options to accommodate the diverse needs of international customers and to deal with the complexities of global logistics

Managing Markets is Easy

Effortlessly categorize countries into distinct markets with the flexibility to tailor these groupings channel by channel.

This allows for a high degree of customization to meet specific market needs and strategies. Whether it's adapting to regional promotions, pricing strategies, or legal requirements, you can manage it all with ease.

Flexible Price List Management

Create and manage multiple price lists with Gemini Commerce, ensuring you can cater to diverse global needs.

Our system seamlessly handles tax calculations and currency conversions, while also providing the option for hierarchical price structures. This means you can inherit pricing from a master list and make necessary adjustments specific to each market or region, giving you complete control over your pricing strategy worldwide.


Digital Experience Platform

Facilitate international expansion by providing a seamless, localized user experience for each of your global markets. Here’s how Gemini DXP caters to international growth.

Localized Content Management

Tailor your content to regional markets, ensuring cultural relevance and local appeal. It allows for the creation and management of location-specific content, adapting to language, cultural nuances, and regional trends for a truly localized shopping experience

Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Deliver personalized experiences across international markets. Gemini’s platform enables you to define customer groups with precision, ensuring your engagement strategies resonate with local audiences and drive conversion.

Market-Specific User Experiences

Customize the customer journey for each market, from navigation to checkout. Our platform’s flexibility ensures that every touchpoint can be optimized to meet the expectations and preferences of local audiences, fostering trust and improving conversion rates

Scalable Architecture

As your business grows, Gemini Commerce scales with you. The platform supports your international expansion without compromising performance, ensuring that you can enter new markets and scale up operations without technical constraints

Compliance and Regulation Adaptability

Easily navigate the complex landscape of international legal and tax regulations. Gemini DXP provides the infrastructure to comply with local laws, including data protection and privacy regulations, tax calculations, and more, helping to mitigate risks as you grow

Global SEO tools

Expand your reach with international SEO tools that help your brand resonate in different regions. Use Gemini DXP to manage multilingual SEO campaigns, adhering to local search engine practices and maximizing visibility across various markets

Global Integration for Payments and Logistics

Expand globally with ease using Gemini's extensive network of integrated payment service providers and logistics partners.

With a wide array of options, our platform ensures you can offer local payment methods and deliver products with trusted shipping options, catering to the preferences of customers in each market, thereby streamlining checkout processes and boosting conversion rates.

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