Delivering Flexibility Without Compromise

Embrace headless commerce with the integrated advantage of Gemini's comprehensive platform.

Gemini's headless solution is ideal for e-commerce businesses that aim for a seamless transition from traditional platforms.

It caters to growing brands desiring agility in changing markets and tech-savvy teams looking to embrace API-first strategies without the complexity of managing disparate systems.

Why Gemini's Headless Stands Out: The Best of Both Worlds

In the digital commerce world, the allure of headless often leads to a custom mosaic of services.

With Gemini, you start with a complete, integrated quilt. While our platform offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities out-of-the-box, we've designed it with flexibility at its core. Want to replace a specific functionality with a specialized, best-of-breed service? No problem. You can easily switch out individual patches, without the need to design the entire quilt from scratch.

Less Overhead: You're not managing multiple vendors or juggling different integrations.
More Control: Swap out only what you need to, when you need to.
Seamless Integration: Benefit from the cohesiveness of an integrated platform while retaining the flexibility of a headless system.

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Adaptability at Its Core

Gemini embraces an API-First approach, ensuring each component of your commerce stack communicates smoothly.

API-First Design: Integrate effortlessly with any front-end, be it web, mobile, IoT devices, or emerging channels.

Flexible Yet Cohesive: Replace specific functionalities with best-of-breed services as needed.

Integrated Modules: Avoid the typical patchwork with our native suite, from PIM to OMS.

Seamless Migrations: Move from monolithic systems to headless without the usual hiccups.

Advanced Integration Options: Leverage our rich set of APIs and SDKs for deeper customizations.
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Comparison with other Headless Commerce approaches

Custom Software

Using Plugins

Gemini Commerce

Initial Investment
Implentation Time
Technical Expertise Required
Low to Medium
Very High
ROI Predictability
Control Over UI & Customer Journey
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Integrations & API

It works with your tech stack via 100+ native, no code, and Zapier integrations.

With lots of ready to use native integrations, the ability to host your own custom micro-services, webhooks and API.
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