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Elevate your commerce experience with our advanced toolkit, equipped to handle promotions, multi-currency pricing, gift cards, wish lists, and more.

Our Advanced Commerce Toolkit is a meticulously crafted set of Packaged Business Components designed to empower merchants by offering a versatile range of tools.

Whether it's creating enticing promotions, managing prices in multiple currencies, selling gift cards, or providing wish list capabilities to your users, this toolkit is geared to enhance your commerce strategy and maximize sales opportunities.

Powerful tools designed to provide you with a competitive edge.

From designing unique promotions and managing prices in multiple currencies to offering gift cards and enabling user wish lists, this toolkit broadens your commerce horizon and is your partner in achieving maximized sales and enhanced user satisfaction.

  • Promotions Management
    Craft compelling promotions that drive sales and customer engagement

  • Multi-currency Pricing
    Effortlessly manage prices in multiple currencies to cater to a global audience

  • Product Bundles
    Optimize your sales by offering products in attractive, customizable bundles

  • Gift Card Management
    Enhance revenue streams by selling and managing gift cards effectively

  • Wishlist Capability
    Provide users with the ability to create wish lists, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Product Configurator
    A powerful engine to manage complex product configurators
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