Empowering B2B & Wholesale Success

Comprehensive Catalog Management

Deal with complex catalogs with ease. Whether it's seasonal collections, varying price points for different retailers, or multiple SKUs, Gemini has you covered.

Streamlined Order Management

Our integrated OMS ensures that even the most complex of orders, often typical in B2B scenarios, are managed seamlessly, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Flexible Pricing Structures

B2B pricing isn’t one-size-fits-all. Create tiered pricing, bulk discounts, and exclusive offers for specific retailers or buyer groups.

International Reach

Expand your wholesale business across borders. Gemini’s suite of international tools lets you manage different currencies, languages, and regional tax regulations effortlessly.

Integrated PIM

Centralize your product information, making it easier to share detailed product data, technical specifications, and other essential info with your B2B clients.

Distinctive Features for a Modern B2B Ecommerce

Integrated PIM and OMS: Our in-built Product Information Management and Order Management System streamline and centralize your multi-channel product and order management, eliminating the need for external solutions.

International Management Tools: Going global is simpler with Gemini. Handle multiple currencies, languages, and tax settings efficiently.

Advanced Commercial Toolkits: Enhance your marketing strategies with our advanced promotional and selling functionalities.

Product Configurator: Customize products like never before. Especially beneficial for industries like consumer electronics, furniture, and automotive.

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Features Tailored for B2B Success

Private Storefronts: Create private, password-protected storefronts for specific clients, ensuring a personalized and exclusive shopping experience.

Bulk Order Processing: Handle large orders with ease, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Advanced Commercial Tools: From promoting new collections to introducing early-bird offers, our toolkits give you an edge in your marketing endeavors.

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Scaling Beyond Traditional Boundaries

B2B isn’t just about bulk orders; it’s about building lasting relationships, understanding niche needs, and delivering unparalleled value. With Gemini Commerce, you’re not just getting a platform; you’re getting a partner that understands and caters to the essence of B2B wholesale.

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“This project was a game changer for our B2B operations”
Andrea Giacomini
CEO at Profline
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