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User-friendly design to streamline your daily operations.

All-inclusive Features

From syndication to data centralization, product management to governance, we've got you covered.

Modern & Adaptable

Built on a headless architecture that scales with your business needs.

Centralized Product Information

Manage products faster, elevate data quality

Gemini PIM provide the functionality to manage a centralized database of product information and all other product-related assets to publish on multiple platforms and support multiple use cases.

  • Omnichannel product onboarding
    Collect and enrich product information and share it across all your channels

  • Data validation and Quality checks
    Automated checks to ensure that the product information meets quality and compliance standards

  • Custom Fields and Attributes
    Flexibility to add custom fields and attributes as your product range grows or requirements change

  • Localization features
    Translate and adapt product information for different markets, including currency, language, and regional compliance requirements

  • Advanced Search and Filtering
    Quickly find the product information you need through robust search capabilities and attribute-based filtering

  • DAM for all file types
    Easily access and distribute these assets to enhance your product presentations and marketing materials.

Data Syndication

Sync and Send: Automated Data Syndication Across Channels.

Product data can be sent to retailers, marketplaces and social channels automatically, by integrating with APIs or generating data files that are sent to channels. Each channel might have different data requirements and formal or informal guidelines for optimal content.

Channel-Specific Syndication

Tailor your product data effortlessly for different types of sales channels, from B2B platforms to B2C websites and marketplaces

Bulk Export and Import

Manage large catalogs without a hitch by seamlessly exporting and importing data in bulk

Attribute Mapping for Each Channel

Customizable attribute mapping to adapt product data for specific channel requirements, such as B2B versus B2C or marketplace-specific needs

Dynamic Content Generation

Generate channel-specific content such as PDF catalogs automatically, catering to each target audience with ease

Localization and Globalization

Adapt your product information to different markets effortlessly with tools for currency, language, and legal requirement adjustments

Data Governance and Compliance

Safeguard your syndicated data's industry compliance with features that validate and document necessary regulations and standards

Product Hierarchy Development

Your catalogs, across your channels, effortlessly.

Gemini PIM can support multiple product hierarchies by providing product data inheritance, visualization and versioning of hierarchies.

  • Visual merchandising
    Enjoy merchandising freedom with user-friendly tools to organize your catalog 

  • Automated Categorization
    Streamline your product organization with rule-based automatic categorization, making the hierarchy setup process quick and intuitive

  • Cross selling and upselling
    Simplify planning and decision-making processes to empower effective cross-selling and upselling strategies

  • Visual Hierarchy Mapping
    Gain a clear, visual understanding of your product organization, simplifying planning and decision-making

You're good to go.

Delivering product content to create outstanding customer experiences by feeding commerce platform product catalogs is just one way that a PIM can support your organization.

That's why Gemini PIM comes with many other useful capabilities to use product data for other purposes beyond digital commerce sites or apps.

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  • Attribute Hierarchy
  • Change log
  • Unlimited users
  • Size harmonization
  • Fast processing
  • Export to PDF
  • Customizable grids
    And much more...

Looking for more advanced capabilities?

Gemini PIM is a cornerstone of Gemini Commerce, our comprehensive Digital Commerce platform. Designed to be both modular and cohesive, it offers a range of extension packages that seamlessly integrate with your PIM to expand its functionalities.

From enhanced analytics to advanced customer engagement tools, unlock a full spectrum of digital commerce capabilities without compromising on quality or ease of use.

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  • Multi currency price lists

    Effortlessly manage multiple price lists in multiple currencies to cater to a global audience

  • Product Configurators & Bundles

    Manage complex configurators and optimize your sales by offering products in attractive, customizable bundles

    Sales policies per Channel

  • Effortlessly manage and harmonize sales policies across multiple channels for targeted, effective commerce strategies

  • Advanced Commerce toolkit
  • Dynamic Customer Segments

    Effortlessly group your customers into targeted segments using a variety of metrics such as attributes, location, and spending

  • Product Labels

    Enjoy merchandising freedom with user-friendly tools to organize your catalog 

  • Content Management

    Centralize your content management efforts across channels, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand experience for your customers

  • Customer Experience toolkit
Integrations & API

It works with your tech stack via 100+ native, no code, and Zapier integrations.

With lots of ready to use native integrations, the ability to host your own custom micro-services, webhooks and API.
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