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  • Integrated PIM and OMS
  • Promotions Engine
  • Customizable Checkout
  • 1 Hosted Storefront
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Our pricing plans can be as versatile as your business needs. For enterprise-level requirements, we offer specialized plans that provide even more customization and dedicated support. Reach out to us to tailor options that match your volume, support, and feature needs, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

  • Custom pricing for higher volumes
  • Custom support SLA
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“Thanks to Gemini we've achieved a remarkable 65% decrease in operating costs.”

Simone Gerola, COO at Biffi Boutiques


Gemini Commerce is perfect for Teams looking to expand their capabilities by integrating components to their existing platform.

Simple, yet powerful

Gemini PIM

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25,000 SKUs additional for €0,01/month
Up to 2 API calls per second
Up to 100 import/export profiles executions

Gemini PIM Pro

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100,000 SKUs
Unlimited API calls
Unlimited import/export profiles executions
Simplify your technology stack

Your orders, all in one place.

Gemini OMS

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300 orders included €50 per 100 orders

Gemini OMS Pro

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3000 orders included
Returns & Refunds management
Multiple Inventory Positions
Advance your Commerce Strategy

Elevate your commerce experience with our advanced toolkit, equipped to handle promotions, multi-currency pricing, gift cards, wish lists, and more.

Advanced Commerce

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Advanced promotions, Gift Cards, Product Bundles
Product Configurator Engine
Multi-currency Price Lists Management

Simplify your technology stack

Your orders, all in one place.

Customer Experience

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Dynamic Customer Segmentation
Digital Experience Platform
Advanced SEO Tools

Gemini Search

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10,000 Searches per month included
+€0,80 per 100 Searches

Gemini Search XL

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50,000 Searches per month included
+€7 per 1000 Searches

Headless commerce, without the heavy lifting


Hosted storefront

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1 storefront
3M API calls per month
15k sessions

Hosted Storefront PRO

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Multiple storefronts
20M API calls per month
100k sessions

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